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July 22 2017



You know a lot of people don’t know this but…

A new chapter in the wild began today for 26 eastern indigo snakes reared at the Zoo in the latest milestone in a conservation partnership to restore a native species to its original range. In a collaboration between Zoo Atlanta, the Central Florida Zoo’s Orianne Center for Indigo Conservation and Auburn University, the snakes were released into the Conecuh National Forest near Andalusia, Alabama, on July 14, 2017.

Previously to the beginning of a reintroduction effort, the eastern indigo snake had not been sighted in the wild in Alabama in around 50 years. The snakes are a keystone species of the longleaf pine-wiregrass and sandhills ecosystem, and their reintroduction carries significant positive ecological benefits for the national forest.

Zoos are known for their conservation work on other continents around the world, but conservation begins in our own backyards. This is a notable example of a project that continues to have a direct impact on re-establishing an iconic species in its native range.

Our Zoo has reared more than 80 eastern indigo snakes for the reintroduction program, which is a cooperation among stakeholders throughout the Southeast. Additional project partners include the Alabama Department of Natural Resources, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and The Nature Conservancy.

The newest group of reintroduced snakes had been reared here since 2015. As they had been designated for release into the wild, the young snakes received care and feeding in behind-the-scenes facilities where they had limited interactions with humans. In this environment, the snakes were able to grow to a size capable of avoiding many of the predators that feed on juvenile snakes.

Prior to their release, the snakes received passive integrated responder tags (PIT) for identification. Preliminary results from tracking efforts have shown that previous groups of reintroduced snakes are surviving, thriving, and reproducing.

To date, more than 100 eastern indigo snakes have been released into Conecuh National Forest, a majority of which have been reared at the Zoo. The goal of the project is to release 300 snakes over a 10-year period at an average of 30 snakes a year.

The largest nonvenomous snake species in North America and a native of southern Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina and Mississippi, the eastern indigo snake has declined across its historic range with the destruction of its ecosystem. This decline is also observed in Georgia’s state reptile, the gopher tortoise, which creates burrows that are often used by eastern indigo snakes and other species.

Eastern indigo snakes play an additional valuable role in their environment by keeping other snake populations in check, as they are known to eat venomous species, including copperheads. These snakes are not constrictors; instead, they overpower their prey using the crushing force of their jaws.

To learn more things people dont realize about zoos here ~>

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  • One of my very favorite reptile species! It warms my heart to see captive breeding programs finally come to fruition and the animals in the programs get the chance to return to their homelands. Go with God, little reptiles. Your planet needs you!

    July 19 2017

    bi asks


    1. instagram bi or snapchat bi?
    2. bracelet bi or necklace bi?
    3. lay on the roof bi or lay in the grass bi?
    4. texting bi or talk on the phone bi?
    5. peppermint bi or cinnamon bi?
    6. earth, air, fire, or water bi?
    7. breath mint bi or gum bi?
    8. smoking bi or drinking bi?
    9. lace bi or mesh bi?
    10. sneakers bi or heels bi?
    11. dress bi or skirt bi?
    12. hair tie bi or hair clip bi?
    13. baseball cap bi or sun hat bi?
    14. lemonade bi or hawaiian punch bi?
    15. pineapples on pizza bi or ‘wtf that’s disgusting’ bi?
    16. strawberry bi or cherry bi?
    17. starburst bi or skittles bi?
    18. ‘i wanna hold your hand’ bi or ‘lucy in the sky with diamonds’ bi?
    19. antique bi or futuristic bi?
    20. stripes bi or polka dot bi?
    21. dc bi or marvel bi?
    22. button up bi or tshirt bi?
    23. short sleeve bi or long sleeve bi?
    24. hoodie bi or jacket bi?
    25. vinyl bi or cd bi?
    26. apple bi or android bi?
    27. pink bi or blue bi?
    28. sun bi or moon bi?
    29. beatles bi or rolling stones bi?
    30. beer bi or wine bi?
    31. plant bi or ‘everything i touch dies’ bi?
    32. lava lamp bi or kaleidoscope bi?
    33. beach bi or park bi?
    34. bike bi or car bi?
    35. guitar hero bi or rock band bi?

    July 17 2017

    0107 6173 390


    John Gerrard
    Western Flag (Spindletop, Texas) 2017

    July 16 2017

    0123 a9c3


    I call the game, Real Ray, or Fake Ray? I will say a phrase. You tell me if I made it up, or if it’s something that Captain Holt actually said in real life, to an actual human being.

    July 14 2017

    July 12 2017


    some fool in front of me decided to slide into the turn lane @ the last minute and that very fool had a “my other ride is the TARDIS” sticker and i gotta tell ya scoob, i haven’t felt such anger on a visceral level in weeks… doctor whom the fuck taught you how to drive

    July 10 2017

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    What do Americans say?

    Source: Based on a survey of 350,000 Americans (x)

    according to the link, the Two vs Three means how many syllables in “caramel”

    “Hawaiians just say shoes” lawful neutral

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    remember in the 7th book when the weasleys charmed the ghoul in their attic to have red hair and told the ministry it was Ron. and the ministry fucking believed it jfc

    i can’t believe within the next week 2017 could either be destroyed or saved

    Good Omens Miniseries - Deleted Scene #2

    Scene under the cut!

    <!-- more -->

    Neil: We are like- in the Apocalypse. Like, a day away. Aziraphale is trying to figure stuff out. He has a big book of Prophecy, and we’re in the back room of the Bookshop. We can hear Aziraphale talking; he’s muttering to himself.

    Aziraphale: So, Prophecy 3212 correlates with 917… Come on Agnes, you know how this one ends, there’s got to be a way out.

    Aziraphale is looking at the Nice and Accurate Prophecies. He’s filling his pad of paper with notes. We look over his shoulder and can see various names of famous people in history circled. He’s trying to work out a way to hold off Armageddon. He’s in the same clothes he was in yesterday. The Cocoa is very cold and congealed. He scribbles down something that’s obviously a mathematical equation. There’s a loud banging at the door.

    Aziraphale: Busy!

    The banging redoubles.

    Aziraphale: For Heaven’s sake I’m very busy! There’s nobody here!

    Banging, rattling as someone shakes the locked door. Aziraphale mutters something, then he gets up and goes to deal with the people.

    In the bookshop. Outside the door we have a short, scary, extremely well dressed man we’ll call Boss. With two enormous thugs standing behind him, also in very nice suits. With an angry sigh, Aziraphale points through the glass to the ‘Closed’ sign on the door.

    Boss is unimpressed. He simply bangs on the door loudly again. Aziraphale opens the door.

    Aziraphale: The ‘Closed’ sign means this bookshop, like the door, is Closed. If they were open, it would say ‘Open’. Now, if you’ll excuse me-

    Boss: This your bookshop?

    Aziraphale: Indeed it is, young man, but I’m closed.

    But it is too late. They are barging in. Aziraphale seems slightly out of his depth here. The Boss and two thugs are hard-men, well-dressed, dangerous. It’s like a lamb meeting three wolves. In a bookshop.

    Aziraphale: Look, I’m dreadfully sorry but we’ll be open tomorrow- well, that’s not actually certain at this point.

    Boss: Nice place you got here.

    Aziraphale: I’m rather proud of it. Finest rare bookshop this side of Bloomsbury, however-

    Boss: People don’t want this rubbish anymore, though… Do they?

    Aziraphale: Well there’s always a demand for first editions, and I’m extremely proud of- Please put that down! Carefully.

    The thugs start picking up books and dropping them.

    Thug 2: Made of paper, though. Damages easy and permanent.

    Thug 1 has taken out his cigarette lighter and is tearing strips off a book and lighting them and letting them fall.

    Thug 1: Very flammable.

    Thug 2: You mean inflammable.

    Thug 1: Same thing. Be a pity if this whole place burned down.

    Thug 2 picks another book up.

    Aziraphale: Step away from the books, please! This is a very bad time for these… shenanigans.

    Boss: Been here a long time, have we?

    Aziraphale: Over 300 years, this location. The shop was originally-

    Boss: I’m not actually interested, you muppet. Louie, do something violent.

    Thug 1 pushes over a bookcase, and books go flying.

    Boss: This part of Soho is so very ripe for redevelopment. But relocating a business is obviously expensive. Fortunately, I’m in the position to make you an extremely generous offer.

    Aziraphale: As am I.

    Boss: Sorry?

    Aziraphale: My extremely generous offer is you and your friends tidy up the mess you’ve made, leave my shop, never come back, and we will say no more about it.

    Boss: You out of your mind?

    Aziraphale: Pick those books up, and go home. Then, turn over a new leaf. I’m doing my utmost to avert Armageddon, and I have no time for hanky-panky.

    Boss: Hanky… Panky?

    Thug 1 is already picking up the books. Thug 2 picks his boss up by the lapels and says, intimidatingly.

    Thug 1: You heard him, Desmond. We’re going to tidy up the mess we made.

    Aziraphale: And then, in the time remaining to you, you must give up your evil, redeveloping ways and become pillars of your communities. You probably have most of Saturday until just after teatime.

    The three men shake their heads as they scramble to pick up the books. They aren’t quite certain what’s happening.

    Thug 2: I never wanted to be an enforcer. I wanted to be a florist.

    Aziraphale: Flowers? Very commendable. So delightful meeting you.

    As the three men shuffle out we follow them onto the pavement.

    Thug 1: What a lovely man.

    Thug 2: I feel like a nicer person already.

    Boss: My head hurts.

    Aziraphale slams the door behind them. A moment later, the ‘Closed’ sign is replaced with a handwritten sign saying ‘Important. Very, very closed. Please go away. This means you. [Sorry].

    Then he picks up his phone and starts to dial.

    Good Omens Miniseries - Deleted Scene #1

    Scene under the cut!

    <!-- more -->

    Setting: Aziraphale’s Bookshop 1859

    Exterior, Aziraphale’s Bookshop 1859, Day

    Victorian Times, the bookshop exterior looks familiar. Although the sign over the door looks freshly painted. Aziraphale is putting a hand-lettered sign in the window by his Dickens books. 

    “What the Dickens? Mr. Dickens’ latest novel, a Tale of Two Cities, is now in Stock.” 

    Interior, Aziraphale’s Bookshop

    Aziraphale is dealing with a customer; a small, stout woman who might be Queen Victoria herself, but probably isn’t. 

    Customer: I was hoping he’d write another book about Barnaby Rudge.

    Aziraphale: I’m afraid you’re pretty much alone in that. But the new one is quite exciting, set in Revolutionary France. 

    Customer: ‘Barnaby Rudge and the Castle of Horrors’! ‘Barnaby Rudge goes to Mystery Island’! ‘Barnaby Rudge and the Wizard’s Nose’!

    Aziraphale: Perhaps you could write to Mr. Dickens and ask him to oblige… 

    A Bell dings above the door; a street urchin has come in.

    Street Urchin: Mr. Fell, I’ve got a message for you!

    Aziraphale glances down at the handwritten message. 

    The Usual Place. –C

    Aziraphale: Uhhh we’re closed! You have to go away now. But I heard a rumor that Mr. Perkins’ bookshop on Compton Street has an advanced copy of ‘Barnaby Rudge Falls on Hard Times’.

    The customer starts to exit as does the urchin.

    Aziraphale: Boy, do you know what I have here?

    Street Urchin: A halfpenny, sir!

    Aziraphale displays the halfpenny, vanishes it, and takes it from behind the boys’ ear.

    Street Urchin, faking it: Oh, my eyes have never seen such a wonder of dexterity and illusion.

    Aziraphale proudly gives him the coin. The Urchin pockets it.




    Neil read out two deleted scenes from the Good Omens series. I’ll probably type them up? If anyone wants to see them?

    Also,,, according to Neil they’re slated to release the names of the individuals cast as Crowley and Aziraphale in the next 2-3 days ?


    Wait, I missed this. We’re getting a mini-series? Is, is this for real?


    Yeah! Neil’s writing for it too. The BBC is like, running it, but it’s gonna be on Amazon Prime Video. I think it’s coming in 2018? 

    Neil read out two deleted scenes from the Good Omens series. I’ll probably type them up? If anyone wants to see them?

    Also,,, according to Neil they’re slated to release the names of the individuals cast as Crowley and Aziraphale in the next 2-3 days ?

    just listened to Neil Gaiman speak at the Wolf Trap in Vienna, Virginia ♥️♥️♥️

    July 09 2017

    July 07 2017


    @ppl who get embarrassed bc they responded “you too” to a server who told them to enjoy their meal: if your first instinct is to be polite & friendly even when you’re not necessarily paying attention you have nothing to b embarrassed about

    15 Years Later, Here's Why A Gamer Was Duct-Taped To A Ceiling


    you know when people post science articles about age old mysteries of nature finally being solved? thats how i feel about this article here

    0232 c4b1 390


    the logic checks


    when a game makes you fight the same boss three different times

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