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June 14 2017


I could just steal another persons post as verbatim and nothing bad would happen to me


I could just steal another persons post as verbatim and nothing bad would happen to me

June 13 2017

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We mourn. We remember.  We stand with the LGBTQ community against hate and violence.

June 11 2017



friend groups consisting of bi girls pan girls and lesbians are some of the funniest coolest groups of people you’ll ever meet shout out to all my friends who aren’t straight im obsessed with all of you thank you for not being heterosexual it really brightens my day everyday

the funniest part of this post is that people keep reblogging this post saying they have one straight girl in their group with all gay friends and i can promise you a few years down the line she’ll realize she isn’t

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Soon, there will only be the conquered and the conquerors.

Black Panther (2018), dir. Ryan Coogler

June 09 2017



Me: Doctor, why is that syringe filled with glitter?
Doctor: Anaesthetic.



me: *talks about something im excited/passionate about*

literally everyone ever:


me, a lesbian: wow girls are so hot

a straight dude: yeah i just love when chicks-


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June 07 2017

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his first pride :) reblog if u support him

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beginning and end


I always see the discussion that many days, months, years have passed during this story. 

I present to you a different idea.

There’s several themes behind Spirited Away: Capitalism’s effect on Japan, Environmental issues, and notably, Chihiro’s coming of age story.

From what I know, the idea of time passing differently in spirit worlds, is more based on western stories of the fae. 

But something more common in Japanese folklore is spirit trickery/deception. Or more accurately. What you see, isn’t always what’s actually there. 

Chihiro starts this story as a young child, before her coming-of-age arc, that more or less forces her to become ‘an adult’. More accurately. The challenges she faces makes her mature as a person.

What’s the most common thing in folklore? Children see what’s actually there.

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We poppin the biggest bottles when sinnoh is confirmed tomorrow

This type of post is now officially a hex you can place on any announcement or any reveal to make sure it never happens

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happy pride!

you either die chaotic good or live long enough to see yourself become lawful neutral 


when you tag something #FSLDMSLNDSSDLKFD and your mutual reblogs it like #text post and you start questioning if it was really that funny in the first place

Terry Pratchett's 'The Wee Free Men' is getting a movie adaptation from the Jim Henson Company










With a screenplay by Rhianna Pratchett, daughter of Terry Pratchett, we’re finally going to see an adaptation of The Wee Free Men.

The Wee Free Men introduced Tiffany Aching, the young witch who starred in several of Pratchett’s last Discworld books. It also features a group of Discworld characters who seem absolutely perfect for a Jim Henson movie: the Nac Mac Feegle, a community of foul-mouthed and gleefully violent gnomes.



i hope this is glorious

@thebibliosphere have you seen this?

I’ve been indisposed for most of the day but yes! I saw it on Facebook and promptly lost my shit for a good few minutes. I am very excited to see how this turns out :)

Excite! Also:

“The Discworld series offers a wide range of genres and characters, and the Ankh Morpork City Watch books (a series of law enforcement adventure stories) are probably the most obvious choice for a Hollywood adaptation. Unfortunately, the humor and absurdity of the Discworld series just doesn’t fit with the expectation that adult fantasy stories should be dark and gritty, likeLord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Warcraft.” 

Who’s gonna tell them?

It’s my honest opinion that Hollywood couldn’t handle Discworld at it’s darkest.

It would want to take Sam Vimes and either make him into their kind of Good Hero (who are generally neither), or it would make him into the Villain, because they wouldn’t know what to do with a character like him. They wouldn’t know what to do with a man who is cynical and dark and terrified of his own thoughts and so filled with rage he becomes a beacon of light and hope instead.

They wouldn’t know what to do with Lady Sybil other than make her into a jolly fat woman who dotes on her “barely-tolerating-husband” and has an eccentric hobby in breeding dragons. They wouldn’t make her tall and fat and so sure of herself you could bounce a nuclear missile off her self confidence. They most certainly wouldn’t allow Sam and her to have a sex life, or if they did they’d kill her in childbirth because that’s “Realistic™”, right?

They wouldn’t know what to do with a woman like Granny Weatherwax without making her lament her spinsterhood, or twisting her magic into something dark and fueled by loneliness. They wouldn’t know what to do with an old baggage like Nanny Ogg without turning her into pure comedic relief for Granny’s darkness, when what she actually is is incredibly complex and powerful in her own right because Nanny’s power is not having to use magic at all.

They’d take Tiffany Aching and make her “spunky” and a rebel, when in fact all Tiffany wanted to do was make sure no one ever got hurt for being different ever again.

Brother Brutha would become a fated prophet when all he was was a simple man who believed in being kind and changed an entire religion and culture simply by being so.

Vetinari would become a monster, an evil man who controlled the city with an iron grip, not because he loved it, but because he can, when Vetinari never wants power, not really. He’s a tyrant yes, but only because the world is so profoundly messed up that it needed someone to get to the top and say “No, no more…” and sometimes the world needs good men to do bad things, because as much as Hollywood might want to make us believe, bad men rarely do good.

Death would either become cold and uncaring or tragic, when he is in fact neither. Death is not justice and he knows this, Death is just death, so he tries to be kind and do his job as efficiently as possible because at the end of the day, that’s what is required of him. Susan would become this hard nosed bitter “don’t talk to me” bitch with the powers of Death and would constantly suffer the urge to use it on “bad people” because that’s what Hollywood does to women with any kind of power, when Susan is actually the Goth version of Mary Poppins and also considerably kinder because she takes the fear of children and teaches them how to make it into a weapon against the thing that frightens them. She knows they don’t need to be told there are no monsters under the bed because there are, what she does instead, is show them that monsters can be beaten. She empowers them in a way children rarely are, and she does it without a spoonful of sugar because that shit will rot your teeth.

Carrot would become the fallen King, banished from his realm and forever longing for a throne he can never have when in fact he chose, he chose to carry a lantern and walk the streets at night because the night might well be dark and full of terrors, but it doesn’t have to be.

Hollywood wouldn’t know how to handle Discworld at it’s darkest, because at its darkest Discworld is so overwhelmingly human in its need for hope it hurts. And Hollywood doesn’t deal with human, it deals with tropes, and that’s what is wrong with the majority of mainstream media at the moment. People are not tropes. 

As for the whole idea of “the world is dark and terrible so we all must be grim faced and stoic”, like have you been to a funeral? Do you know how many people laugh at funerals? Do you know how many people smile, and hug and kiss and cling to each other with such profound love because that’s what humans do? We look at the darkness and we follow the sunrise. Grief might be the price we pay for love, but that doesn’t make love a weakness.

And Jim Henson understood that. His family, understands that. And it makes me happy that it’s them who are involved in this adaptation of The Wee Free Men.

Is this some kind of Sales/Marketing ploy? If so, its incredibly effective because I have just ordered myself some Terry Pratchett

You know those people that go door to door asking if you’ve found Jesus yet? I’m that person but with Terry Pratchett and enthusiastic leaflets about dragons and a t-shirt that says “Ask Me About Discworld” except I don’t knock on your door, I just scream relentlessly into the void and hope someone else gets to experience my joy.

@thebibliosphere Don’t lie we know you’re really Constable Visit-The-Discworld-Unknowing-With-Explanatory-Charts.

Oh wow, this post is going around again. And you got me. Would anyone like to see my notes *unfurls parchment that hits the ground and never stops rolling*

June 06 2017

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