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May 19 2018


quit arguing marvel vs dc!!!  we ALL know which is the greatest and most imaginative superhero movie of all time. it’s megamind.

May 17 2018

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pallegina, edér, and aloth in the leaked pillars of eternity 2: deadfire art

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Me, on Earth:

May 12 2018

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# a family of bisexuals

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squirrel girl is canonically more powerful than thanos

if anyone is wondering “how the fuck?”: this was a pretty complicated thing that marvel set up, where they evaluated each hero and villain’s capabilities based on who they defeated, how they defeated them, who they were defeated by, and so on.

except, as it turns out, squirrel girl has defeated a LOT of powerful villains. case in point, her very first appearance has her solo-defeating doctor doom, without the help of iron man (who was nearby). this was also one of the few occasions where doom was defeated and it WASN’T a doombot. this turned squirrel girl into kind of a meme once the story hit the internet for obvious reasons, even though this story was just a one-shot. so then marvel brings her back, and has her defeat three villains in one comic, INCLUDING THANOS. (they even had other characters confirm that it wasn’t a trick, it wasn’t a fake thanos, that was actually thanos and he lost to squirrel girl because she set squirrels on him.)

the result? squirrel girl always wins. if there is an argument about “who would win?”, and squirrel girl is one of the options, then she wins by default because she’s squirrel girl. and this means that squirrel girl has to be the most powerful character in marvel by raw stats, because she always wins. you genuinely can’t beat squirrel girl.

by the by: she’s coming to the mcu soon in the new warriors tv show. that should be entertaining.

Local Furry Is Too Powerful, More at 11

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Instagram: @artwoonz

vague post



not vague enough id recognize lorem ipsum anywhere


transphobes aren’t allowed to shop anymore because making a purchase is a trans action ://




*hears thunder* thor if thats u bitch i love u

This is Zeus erasure

Zeus deserves to be erased

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‘you should’ve told him to back off.’

April 25 2018




2013 was five years ago let that sink in


PLOT TWIST: This was a shitpost made five years ago that we brought back in 2018 because now it’s funny in a different way.

April 24 2018

April 01 2018

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Why would anyone want to consume it!?

I teach my 7th graders about the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide.

I bring in a graduated cylinder of it and we talk about how it’s used in nuclear power plants and gmo crops. How inhaling even the small amount I’m holding can lead to suffocation or even death. It’s found in vaccines and cancer cells, but also in infant formula and pet food. It is a huge component of acid rain, can cause severe burns, and has been found in places that were thought to be the most pristine and unpolluted locations on earth.

We talk about how there are little to no regulations on this chemical. No bans, no warning labels, and most manufacturers don’t even have to disclose their use of it in their products.

My students are outraged. We talk about what we can do. Create posters and flyers to spread awareness. Contact our senators with petitions to ban DHMO. Spread this information all over social media.

Then I explain that the real problem with dihydrogen monoxide is that….when I am thirsty…there is just nothing else as refreshing, and then I watch their looks of absolute shock and horror as I drink the entire vial down.

I. Fucking. Love. This.

This is how misinformation works. How propaganda works. How manipulation works.

may our education be stronger than fake news


To those who don’t get it:

“Dihydrogen monoxide” is the chemical name for water, AKA H2O.

another important element of understanding the joke is understanding how pH levels work

yup.  that’s a higher number alright.

“Everyone who has ever touched or consumed this chemical has died”


im gonna be straight up honest with you

this link leads to rick astley’s never gonna give you up

heres no use hiding it every single god damn link going around on april 1st is gonna be a rick roll. you already know its gonna be a rick roll and yet you still click on it




Y’all know when Mulan is sitting in the rain and watches her parents silhouette disappear as the candle is blown out and then her eyes squint in determination and the music that starts to play and you see her go into the family temple and light a match and bow in respect and then sneak into her parents room and switch the scroll for her hair brooch and then the way her reflection is shown as she pulls the sword and cuts her hair?? It’s literally more iconic than any marvel movie

Y’all know that there is heavy symbolism in that scene to show that Mulan is the spirit of the Great Stone Dragon and that’s why Mushu wasn’t able to awaken it?

Not to mention the score from this scene in particular bumps so hard I was almost compelled to cut my hair listening to it with my sister. Masterpiece of Cinema.

March 20 2018

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reblog party pikachu on this monday night and you will find unexpected joy

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